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Muhammad Ali (born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.. On January 17, 1942) is a retired American boxer. In 1999, Ali was awarded the "Sportsman of the Century" by Sports Illustrated.Ali three-time World Champion Boxing weight classes.

Ali was born in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. Its name follows the name of his father, Cassius Marcellus Clay, Sr.. Ali later changed his name after joining the Nation of Islam and eventually embraced Sunni Islam in 1975.

Before converting to Islam, he dubbed himself "The Greatest" because he is the best boxer of his time. Even sports observers claim it as the best boxer of this century. The history of boxing has never been a boxer as soon as he knew. He competed with nimble in the ring and hit KO his opponent, then exclaimed with pride, "I am the greatest".

But after converting to Islam, he threw this nickname, because no snob and being a simple soul of Islam.

He was the boxer world Casius Mercelus Clay afterwards known as Muhammad Ali Clay.

He tells of his journey to Islam.

I was born in Kentucky, USA. The area known as the typical fried chicken that bears his name, which is also famous for its strong ethnic differences.

Since childhood I've felt the difference this treatment because I am brown skinned. Perhaps this is what encouraged me to study boxing in order to reply to the evil treatment of my friends who were white. And since I have the talent and strong muscles making it easier path.

When not yet 20 years old, I've won the heavyweight match at the Rome Olympics in 1960.

Only a few years later I won the world heavyweight champion from Sony Le Stone in the short fight, since only a few minutes I managed to become world champion. And among the supporters of boisterous applause and flashes of camera equipment, I stood in front of millions of viewers that TV cameras around the ring and Islam, say two sentences creed and change my name to Muhammad Ali Clay. To start a new war against evil that stop me announce to my Islamic easier.

Move to the Islamic religion is natural and in harmony with nature-nature that God created for mankind. Kembaliku to the nature of truth takes many years to think, was started in 1960, when a Muslim friend to accompany me to go to the mosque to listen to lectures about Islam. When listening to lectures, I felt the call of truth shine from within my soul, called me to reach, namely the truth of the nature of God, religions and creatures.

My faith journey lasted many years in the form of comparison between Islam and the AD, sebutah heavy travel, because people around me my way, masyarakatku damaged condition, truth and falsehood mingle, coupled with the doctrine of the church that describes the state of the Muslims are weak and underdeveloped as a result of the teachings of Islam itself. But God gave me instructions, and light the way my choice so I can distinguish between the reality of Muslims today with the timeless essence of Islam. I believe that Islam brings happiness to everyone. Without discriminating between skin color, ethnicity and race, are all equal before God Almighty. The most important in the eyes of God they are the most cautious. I believe was in front of a truth that can not be derived from humans.

I compare the doctrine of the Trinity with the doctrine of Tawheed in Islam. I feel that Islam is more rational. Because it is impossible to set one of three Lord of nature with neat like this. "It is impossible to get the moon and sun malampun can not precede the day". (Surah 36: 40). It's an impossible thing happen and taka will satisfy any intelligent person and would like to think.

I feel how the Muslims respect Jesus U.S. and his mother. Place them on an equal footing. It only exists in Islam or Christianity that is still pure, pronounced as for the priests and pastors is a lie.

I read the translation of the Qur'an and I grew convinced that Islam is the religion of truth that can not be created by humans. I tried to join the Muslim community and I found them with a good temperament, tolerance and mutual guides. It is not I get for hanging out with the Christians who just see the color of my skin and not my personality.

This is the story of Islam into the world boxing champion Muhammad Ali Clay who announced to his Islamic outspoken during his victory, as if he wanted to give hard blow to the taghut as experienced by rival Sony Le Stone.

Sign in Islam it is not the end of everything but just the beginning, because it was the day the actual birth. He started his new life from here, he left all his past that are contrary to Islam and to focus his attention only to God. The letter, which he memorized the first time Al-Fatihah is that he started his journey of peace and faith.

Muhammad Ali made a pilgrimage to Mecca in 1973, many times he was there and also to Madina Al-Munawwarh. He begged for forgiveness to God for the sins he had done before converting to Islam, and ask Him to give Husnul khatimah.

Now he was a leader of the Muslim family. He gave the name of the daughter-daughter with Islamic names are: Muhammad, Maryam, Rasyidah, Khalilah, Jamie, Hannah and Laila. They study Islam and always go to the mosque for to establish a lasting relationship with their Lord and other Muslim children.

Now he is among those who actively preach in the United States and provide funds. Even so he still feels not provide the best for Islam. Dibenaknya there is hope and a desire to provide more banya for devotion to the religion of God and uphold his sentence.


* January 17, 1942: Born with the name Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.. from father Cassius Marcellus Clay, Sr.., a painter billboards (billboards) and traffic signs and Odessa Grady Clay's mother, a washing clothes.

* At age 12, Clay, jr. report to the police named Joe Martin, that his new BMX bike stolen. Joe Martin, who is also a boxing trainer in Louisville, Clay taught boxing for small ways to beat the bicycle thief. Clay was very enthusiastic little boxing under the guidance of Martin.

* 1960: Obtained a light heavyweight gold medal Olympics 1960 in Rome, Italy.

* October 29, 1960: first debut in the professional ring. Win a 6 round over Tunney Hunsaker.

* February 25, 1964: Capture the heavyweight world title with TKO win round 7 of 15 rounds are planned over Sonny Liston in Florida, USA. Liston suffered an injury to the neck that made him quit the game.

* Immediately after the victory over Liston, Clay proclaimed the religion and its new name, Muhammad Ali, and his inclusion in kelompook the controversial Nation of Islam. (The biography of Ali, which was launched in 2004, Ali admitted that he had not joined the NOI, but joined the Sunni Muslim worshipers in 1975.

* May 25, 1965: re-match between Ali against Liston full of controversy. Ali's punches are so fast fueling speculation among boxing punches calling Ali as 'phantom punch'. The blow was so fast, so it does not appear on the collapsed Liston. Many issues are developing, including bribes and threats NOI people against Liston and his family, but Liston denied all of that by stating Ali hit with hard punches.

* 1967 - 1970 Ali was suspended by the Boxing Commission for refusing compulsory military U.S. government programs in the Vietnam war. Famous expression in rejecting this draftee, "I have no problem with those Vietcong, and none of the Vietcong who call me nigger!"

* March 8, 1971, Ali defeated Joe Frazier in the number of New York, and must surrender his title.

* October 30, 1974: Rumble in the Jungle. Ali won back the WBC heavyweight title and the WBA after overthrowing George Foreman in Kinsasha, Zaire in round 8.

* October 1, 1975: Thrilla in Manila. President Ferdinand Marcos brought the match Ali vs. Fraizer III to the city of Manila, Philippines. Ali won TKO round 14 in the game very exciting and suspenseful, even referred to as one of "the best boxing match of this century." Frazier that fatigue finally gave up and did not want to continue the match on a break before round 15. After that, when going to an interview with television, Ali collapsed because of exhaustion, after resting a few minutes, the interview can be done, but Ali had to sit on the bench because it had run out of steam.

* 15 September 1978: Ali beat Leon Spinks with item 15 rounds in New Orleans. Ali established himself as the first boxer who won the heavyweight title 3 times.

* 6 September 1979: Ali retired from boxing states, and the title declared vacant.

* October 2, 1980: Ali returned to boxing ring, against former comrades trained rival, Larry Holmes, who has become world heavyweight champion in a game entitled "The Last Hurrah." In a one-sided match, Ali was not able to move slightly, while Holmes looks not bear to 'finish off' Ali who was helpless. Ali gave up and resigned to the round of 11, Holmes declared victorious TKO.

* Mentioned, in a medical report conducted at the Mayo Clinic, Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson's syndrome symptoms such as shaking hands, talk began to slow, and there are indications that there was damage to the membranes (membrane) in the brain Ali. But Don King conceal these medical outcomes, and Ali vs. Holmes game still in progress.

* Before the match against Larry Holmes, Dr. Ferdie Pacheco, a personal physician who has assisted Ali for decades, was forced to resign because Ali did not want to listen to his advice to refuse the match against Holmes, preferring to play against Holmes. In one biography of Ali, Pacheco said that Ali had diabetes during exercise of blood due to kidney damage hit, he also noted that Ali had had symptoms of Parkinson's syndrome since before this match.

* After the match, carried out medical checks again, and the results confirm previous results.

* December 11, 1981, once again Ali that the elderly, trying to return to the world of boxing against Trevor Berbick in the Bahamas in a game entitled "Drama in the Bahamas". In conditions of old, Ali was able to perform better than against Holmes, although eventually defeated the 10 rounds. After this match, Ali is really retire from the world of boxing.


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