African boxer, From Gbodo Ygor Being Ali Akbar

Written By jieenk on Tuesday, June 28, 2011 | 12:33 PM

Beginning in January 2010, Gbodo Ygor, Central African Republic boxer came to Pakistan following Benazir Bhutto Boxing Tournament event. This tournament turned out to be the starting point of his life changes, because when the tournament was Ygor decides to become a Muslim and when he returned to his homeland, he already bears the name of Islamic, Ali Akbar.

"Although I did not get the title, I get something much bigger. I, with the grace of God, now becomes a Muslim," said Ali Akbar.

"I can not forget those times. I felt it was up to my goal," said light-welterweight boxer with eyes twinkling.

Ali Akbar saying two sentences in Jamia Binoria International creed, a place on the outskirts of the southern city of Karachi. Hundreds of people attended the show one by one to congratulate and hug Ali Akbar as a "new brother" them. Cries of Allahu Akbar echoed and typical snacks like sweets were distributed to celebrate Pakistan's events.

"I received an overwhelming response. I did not expect to be treated like a celebrity after converting to Islam," said Akbar, the eldest of seven children.

Akbar admitted it took a long time to convince him to Islam, although his parents had long been converted to Islam. Akbar named the coach, Mohammed Kalambaye, which has led her to become a Muslim.

"I actually became interested in Islam in recent years, when Muhammad became coach of our boxing team. He never forced us to study Islam, but a way of life and good character that makes us so interested in Islam," said Akbar.

It was not only Akbar who became interested in Islam when he saw Muhammad's behavior indicated Kalambaye. Five other co-Akbar also experienced the same thing. And the fifth also decided to convert to Islam while playing in Pakistan.

"Pakistan is the first Muslim country we've ever been," said Akbar.

"Two of my colleagues still hesitate to embrace Islam with the reasons for wanting to learn more about Islam. But once I tell you that we are here (Pakistan) tomorrow will say the creed, we did not think they said it would Islam also," the story of Akbar.

He considered the best because Islam is the religion of Islam teaches that a human being equal in the eyes of God, which distinguishes only deeds and taught to put the interests of the people above personal interests.

"I witnessed a variety of Muslims in my neighborhood, which not only help each other among the Muslims themselves but also helps people in need of non-Muslims. They say, helping others is part and parcel of Islam. There is no concept of superiority in Islam . I was very touched by the passion and commitment, "said Akbar.

He said the coach his fist, Muhammad Kalambaye, often quoting the Prophet Muhammad which states that in Islam there is no teaching that Arabs are superior to non-Arabs or whites superior to blacks.

"The concept of equality that makes me very interested in Islam," said Akbar.

He further told, both parents screaming for joy once he had converted to Islam preached by phone. "I was already signaled before heading off to Pakistan that I would bring a special gift for them. But I did not tell me directly what my plans in Pakistan," said Akbar.

Now, Akbar hoping to lead his siblings to the other - four sisters and three brothers - who still embrace Christianity in order to find the path of Islam. "Insha Allah, Allah will soon have mercy on them as well," please Akbar.

The story of Ali Akbar and his team-mates - all nine people - converted to Islam at the same time, the mass media in Pakistan. Besides them, there are also three boxer from Cameroon who also converted to Islam at the same time.

President of the Association of Boxing Central African Republic, Kristin admitted Lumande happy with the decision "foster children" it was. "I'm happy they embrace a religion that teaches peace and human-degree equation," said Kristin is a Christian;.

"They will not face any problems when returning to the homeland, both in terms of social or economic. They are our heroes and our heroes will still be whatever religion they profess," said Kristin.