Burns, Alhambra Mosque Calligraphy escorted Become A Muslim

Written By jieenk on Tuesday, June 28, 2011 | 12:40 PM

"I was sitting in the Mosque of the Alhambra, Spain, staring at beautiful terukira writing on the walls. The most beautiful writing I've ever seen. I then asked people about 'what language is it?" they replied that it was Arabic, "Karima Burns recalls when she first known writings in Arabic.

Arabic script was first seen Burns was very impressive in his heart. Until the next day, when the tour guide asked about choice of language travel guide books he wanted, with a steady Burns said he wanted a guidebook written in Arabic.

"Arabic? Do you speak Arabic," said the guide would like to know

"No. Can you also give me a copy of an English version?" Burns said.

At the end of the trip the tour, Burns took "souvenirs" a bag full of books guides the places she visited in Spain. everything is in Arabic. So many, Burns to give her clothes to others so that those books could get all into her bag. For him, books of Arabic-speaking tour guides are like gold is more valuable than her clothes. He opened the books every night and admired the writings of Arabic in page after page.

"I fantasize could write a beautiful article and I started thinking there must be something valuable from a culture that has a very artistic language. I am determined to learn discuss this once I start college in the fall," said Burns.

Two months before the lecture begins, Buns left his family in Iowa and went to Europe, alone. Age when it was only 16 years old. "I want to see the world before entering college at the University Northewestern. That's what I tell my friends and family. The truth is I'm looking for an answer. I've left the church several months before, and did not know where to turn. I do not know an alternative what would I choose, "said Burns.

He hopes to find an idea what he will do after the "out" of the church. At church, Burns said, Christians are not allowed to pray directly to God. They can only pray to Jesus and hoping Jesus will continue that prayer to God. Burns feels there is something wrong with such teachings and he secretly always pray directly to God. Burns believes that there is only one entity with whom he should pray. But in his heart, Burns felt guilty for not obeying what he has taught religion. The situation was confused him in living their everyday lives.

Burns wondered why Christians are obliged to church only on Sundays. He was puzzled to see the behavior of different people when there are 180 degrees in church and when outside the church. Does being good only on Sundays only, as they all have to geraja? Burns did not find the answer to that question. He read about 10 prohibition of God, such as not killing, not lying, not stealing and other bad things that are obvious. Beyond that, Burns could not find the demands of how he should act when outside the church.

"All I know, probably do not deserve to wear miniskirts to church or we go to church on Sundays so he could see the cool guys at the church," said Burns.

One day, he visited the home of a teacher and there he saw the rows of the Bible on a bookshelf. According to his teacher, the Bible is different version. He saw his teacher did not really care to see biblical premises many different versions. But Burns did not feel comfortable knowing that. He found a very different between the versions with each other, there are even chapters that he did not find such in the Bible is often read. Burns more confused.

In Europe he found no answer to her confusion. Burns had to go home feeling disappointed. But his desire to learn Arabic still smoldering. As she stared at the wall of the mosque tuisan Alhambra, Burns did not realize that writing was the answer to all the restlessness of his soul. Burns did not realize until two years later.

Learning Arabic

On the first day to the campus, Burns immediately enrolled in Arabic classes. There are only four people, including himself who signed up for the least popular class on campus. Burns spirit and interest are high on the Arabic Arabic language teacher makes surprise. He was doing homework with a pen for calligraphy. He also visited the Arab community in Chicago only to find out the truth about the Arabic language in the writings of the Coca Cola bottle. Half-pleading, begging Burns Arabic teacher lent books in Arabic script so he could see and admire the form of Arabic writing that.

In his second year, Burns decided to major in Middle Eastern studies. He then took several courses related to the study. One of these courses on the Koran.

"One night I opened the Quran for college homework and I could not stop reading it. It's as if I found an interesting novel that kept me reading. Reading the Quran, my heart was screaming, 'Wow, this is terrific. This is what I always believed. " The Quran gives the answer to all my questions about how we should behave every day and in the Qur'an also clearly affirmed that God is one, "said Burns.

He claimed to be amazed there is a "book" that wrote all that he believes and what he'd been looking for, and what is written in it, it all makes sense. The next day he was in Al-Quran class she asks about the author "book", because the "book" was written one person's name.

Professor in his class told him that the name is written in the "book" is not the name of the author but the translator's name. Burns also briefed that the Koran contains the words of God and has since lowered penrah no change, continue to read and then collected in the form of "book".

"I'm really fascinated and more excited to learn Arabic, even more than that, I wanted to study Islam and intend a trip to the Middle East," said Burns.

In the last year of college, he went to Egypt to continue its Middle East studies. Cairo became the "Islamic" favorite because it was in the mosques in the city that made him feel calm and peaceful. "I could feel, inside the mosque, one can feel the beauty, strength and presence of God Almighty. And I so enjoy the writings of an elegant calligraphy on the walls of the mosque," said Burns.

One day, a friend of Burns asked why he did not convert to Islam only when he is greatly admired Islam. With lightly Burns replied, "But I've become Muslims," ​​an answer that he was surprised to hear that. At that Burns thinks that being a Muslim is a matter of logic and simple problems. Burns acknowledged that Islam is a religion acceptable to his mind, inspiring him and he admits the truth of the teachings of Islam. He thought, if it is to admit it, why he should convert? Friends of Burns was then explained that there is a mandatory Burns if he officially wants to be a Muslim.

Burns finally followed the advice of his friend. He then came to a mosque and say two sentences creed in the presence of two witnesses. He officially became a Muslim and was given a certificate as a sign that he had become a Muslim.

"But I save the certificate along with piles of personal letters. To me, no need to hang the certificate so that people know I am a Muslim. I have been and will always be a Muslim. As soon as I opened the Qur'an, I was finding my family is long gone. I prefer to hang pictures on the walls of the Alhambra mosque my room, rather than Islamic certificates me, "said Karima Burns.