Professor Jeffrey Lang, Discover Hidayah through Mediation His students

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Professor of mathematics who choose no religion, aka atheist is ultimately prefer Islam as the final pihan

Travel everyone to Islam and have a diverse way Prof. Jeffrey Langkeunikan respectively. As Prof. Jeffrey Lang, keislamnnya story is unique and interesting. Professor of Mathematics received a guidance through the medium of coaching students on the campus of the University of San Francisco, USA. He was rewarded with a copy of the Qur'an he claimed as a holy book was amazing. One day, unexpectedly he found a small room in the basement of a church near campus. Apparently the room was used by students of Islam to pray five times. Well, in the small room he finally bersyahadah anyway. Here's the full story.

Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Lang, his full name. Everyday he worked as a lecturer and researcher in Mathematics at the University of Kansas, one of the leading universities in the United States. Master's and doctoral degrees from Purdue University mathematician he achieved in 1981. Prof. Jeffrey was born into a Roman Catholic Saxon family in Bridgeport, Connecticut on January 30, 1954.

Basic education up to secondary school served in the Roman Catholic background. "Nearly 18 years of childhood spent in school background in Catholicism. During that time I left a lot of unanswered questions about God and the philosophy of Christianity," he said.

Jeffrey, in his diary about his journey to find Islam, writes: "Like most other children in the range of the 1960s until the early 1970s, I passed a childhood full of fun. The difference in those days I've started a lot to wonder about the value -the value of life, be it political, social and religious. I even fights with many people, including leaders of the Catholic church. "

Adolescence, at the age of 18, Prof. Jeffrey admitted that he had become an atheist alias no longer believe in the existence of god. "If God exists, and He has mercy and compassion, then why is there so much suffering on this earth? Why did he not just put us all into syurga? Why would he create people on this earth with many suffering ? " Jeffrey Young story about her anxiety at the time. Over the years, questions like that keep his mind clung.

Meet Muslim students

Finally Prof. Jeffrey get an answer early in the city of San Francisco. The story, when he was appointed as an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics, University of San Francisco. Jeffrey found a real God does exist and in this life. But how did he find it? It turns out the instructions it gets from some students who are Muslims!

"When first lectured at the University of San Francisco, I met a Muslim student who took a course of Mathematics. Neither directly familiar with this student, as well as their families. Religion, as it would not become the topic of our conversation, until one when I was given a gift a holy book the Koran, "his story.

Mahmoud Qadeel, the name of the student. He is from Saudi Arabia. Mahmoud, Prof. Jeffrey's story, has given him a lot of input on matters of Islam. Interestingly, all of their discussions concerned with science and technology. "I had discussions with Mahmoud about medical research and he replied with perfect. His English is also not playing. I made was struck by Mahmoud, who in his country was a major police," continued Prof.. Jeffrey amazed.

Quran prizes

Once, last farewell. All faculty and students attended the event held at a place outside the campus. "I was really surprised when Mahmoud gave me a gift a copy of the Koran. Mahmoud also presented me with several books on Islam," said Prof. Jeffrey.

On his own initiative, he studied the Koran's contents. Even Islamic books are read to its conclusion. He admitted impressed with the Qur'an. The first two volumes of the Koran that had learned had made him like a hypnotized.

"Every night comes a wide range of questions in me. But somehow I found the answer right away the next day. As if anyone reads my mind and write it in every line of the Koran. I seemed to find myself in each page of the Koran ...," said Jeffrey again.

Bersyahadah on Campus

"About a 80-year yet many Muslim students who study at the University of San Francisco. It can meet with Muslim students are very surprise," I Prof. Jeffrey.

There is an interesting story when he was browsing the campus, unexpectedly I found a small room in the basement of a church. "Apparently the room was worn by some Muslim students to pray five times," he continued again.

His head was filled with question marks and curiosity bubbling. He also hasten to enter into the prayer place. At that time fitting in. noon prayer time and he was invited to participate in prayer by his students. He was standing right behind one of the students and follow his every move. The tears were seen trickling.

"We discussed the issue of religion. Bertanyaan I express all that had been stored in my head. And, amazingly, I was really shocked with the way they explain. It makes sense and is easy to digest. Apparently the answer is there in Islam," said him. "You know, after leaving the mushallah, I have to say two sentences Shahadah!," Said Prof. Jeffrey.

Why do we pray, Father?

Prof. Jeffrey regularly pray five times a day and feel the incredible peace of soul. Morning prayers, as he acknowledges, is one of a very beautiful ritual in Islam and he felt a deep impression of the dawn prayer.

One day Jeffrey was asked by Jameelah, his daughter who was then eight years old, after he prayed Noon. "Dad, why should we pray?" Said his son innocently.

"I was stunned by the question. I really do not think an eight-year-old child would ask such a question. Want to tell him how the advantages and pleasures of prayer. But what could she understand? Finally I said that we pray because God commands it," said the professor.

"But father, what can we gain by praying?" Asked the boy again was still curious. "My son, it is still difficult for you to understand. One day, if you're already committed and with the five daily prayers, my father was sure you would have get the answer, "said Prof. Jeffrey wise.

"Is prayer can make us happy father?." Jameelah little further.

"My dear, prayer is one of sedative soul. Once we come into contact with the love of God in prayer, then that's great pleasures. One time, after tired after work, fathers feel tired all the flavor is lost when his prayers," he added more convincing of the child.

That's the story of the professor who also picked up a nice career in mathematics. He was deeply inspired by mathematics. "Mathematics is logical and contains the facts of real data to get a concrete answer," he said.

"With the way that I work. Sometimes I'm frustrated when looking for something but did not get a concrete answer. Islam, for me, everything is rational, sensible and easy to digest," he said.

Prof. Jeffrey is currently appointed by the faculty as a mentor organization in order to bridge the Muslim Students Association of Muslim students with the university. Not only that, he was even appointed to deliver courses to Islam by the Rectorate.

Prof. Jeffrey married to a Saudi Arabian woman named Raika 1994. They have three baby that is Jameelah, Sarah and Fattin. Jeffrey is also the author of the book is reliable. Besides hundreds of scientific articles in mathematics, he also has written several books on Islam as the reference the American Muslim community. "Even Angels Ask: A Journey to Islam in America" ​​is one of the best books sellernya. In the book he was writing the story of his spiritual journey to embrace Islam.


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Dr Jeffery Lang ! Peace be on you. I am introduced by a paragraph in your book narrated by Aminah Ilahi who put your first experience so succintly that tears rolled down my eyes at this age of 65 being a born muslim ! Allahuakbar !