World Boxing, Bernard Hopkins Converted to Islam

Written By jieenk on Monday, June 20, 2011 | 12:57 PM

The name of Bernard Hopkins, nicknamed "the executioner (the Executioner)", would have been familiar to fans of the boxing world. A number of names of famous boxers such as Oscar de la Hoya, Roy Jones Jr., Felix Trinidad, Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnson had struck collapsed in the ring.

Boxing fans world-certainly no stranger to the name of Bernard Hopkins. He is the executioner (the Executioner). The nickname was given because of the ability of the blow in knocking down his opponents in the ring boxing. The names of the fame kind of Oscar de la Hoya, Roy Jones Jr., Felix Trinidad, Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnson had dikanvaskannya.

Bernard Hopkins began his professional boxing since 1988. He is the best boxer ever had in the United States. His name became known world wide and the American public because of its success to maintain a record 20 times world boxing champion middle-class. In its heyday until retirement, who was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, January 15, 1965, is the world's first boxer who holds the world's four major championship titles.

Hopkins grew up and raised by his parents, Bernard Hopkins Sr and Shirley Hopkins, in the Raymond Rosen. At the age of 13 years, he was involved in a criminal action. He did mugging and stabbing. As a result, he had to undergo imprisonment up to usia18 years with nine of his colleagues at Graterford prison.

Expires darkest before the dawn. Hopkins during his sentence, he began to know boxing. Through boxing, Hopkins has a better tread life. His debut as a boxer lived smoothly. He was able to beat Greg Paige on the Blue Horizon, February 22, 1990. After that, Hopkins was able to pocket the victory 20 times without ever losing. The win drove him to be ruler of middle-class boxing.

After deciding to boxing while in jail, Hopkins also took important decisions in his life. He chose Islam as the guiding spiritual life. Initially, no one knows how he knew Islam. Hopkins who has come to know Islam looks more mature.

Outside the boxing ring, Hopkins live their lives normally. He was the husband of Jeanette Hopkins who married since 1993 and father of a daughter named Latrice. Being a Muslim does not hinder Hopkins to continue his career in this world of fist fights. In fact, without sepengetahun many people, he often prayed before the fight. For him, boxing is his job. And, he considered himself able and still going strong.

Since have become converts, Hopkins never showed his true identity as a Muslim. Yet he was a fanatic religion of Islam. When asked why not replace the other as his name after converting to Islam, Hopkins said, to him it does not really matter. According to him, 'Islam is not about names, but the problem of attitudes and actions and beliefs to the Creator.