Karima Burns, Converted to Islam When Cruises to Spain

Written By jieenk on Friday, July 1, 2011 | 3:39 PM

Guidance can indeed come from an unexpected direction. For Karima Burns, a student from Iowa, United States, the guidance is coming while he was traveling to Spain.

Guiding the tour took her to the Alhambra Mosque in Granada, Spain. Seeing a lot of Arabic spelling scattered in buildings has become one of the tourist attraction of this panyol, he was stunned. "That is the most beautiful language I've ever seen," he said.

"What language is that?" he said a Spanish tourist. "Arabic," they replied.

The next day, when officers were asked about language tour of what he wants in a book tour, he replied, "Arab."

"Arab?" he said, surprised. "Do you speak Arabic?"

"No," Karima said. "Can you give me one in English too?"

At the end of the trip, his bag full of brochures in Arabic. "I treated him as if they were made of gold. I'll open it every night and see the letters that flowed across the page," he said.

That day he determined, would learn Arabic.

Karima was raised in the Midwest. His parents were devout religious believers. But Karima always wondered, why pray to God must go through an intermediary? "I intuitively felt that something was wrong with it. Without telling anyone, I secretly prayed to" God. "I sincerely believe that there is only one entity to pray. But I feel guilty because this is not what has been I teach the old religion. "

One day, the event bersilaturahim spiritual teacher to the house the more determined to leave that religion. "I saw a rack full of the Bible. I asked what that book." Different versions of the Bible, "replied the teacher. This does not seem bothered him at all that there are so many different versions. But, it bothers me. Some of them are completely different and even missing a few chapters from the Bible that I have. I'm really confused, "he said.

Muslims fall over, Karima back to college at Northwestern University. Holiday to Spain, was mencerahkannya.

He seemed to find an alternative to the dead end. "I've left the church only a few months before going on vacation and did not know where to turn. I know that I'm not comfortable with what what was taught during this, but I do not know if there are other alternatives," he said.

Back to campus, he took classes in Arabic as well. "I remember, I was one of only three people in the class who are very unpopular," he chuckled.

He immersed himself in the study of Arabic with a burning passion. He was happy to do homework calligraphy and he went to Arab areas in Chicago just to track down a bottle of Coca-Cola written in that language.

Until one day, he became acquainted with the Koran. One of his tasks, is copying a few verses. Instead of doing, he became engrossed in surfing from one passage to another. "It's beautiful. That's what I'm looking for this, the religion which states very clearly that there is only one God," he said.

A name in the Koran is believed to be the "owner version" Koran, just as there are various versions of the gospel. But when he revealed his professors, the professor chuckled.

"There is only one version of the Koran. What you think, it is a translator," he mimicked the professor.

He further explore the Koran, and even then decided to go to Egypt to learn Islam.

One day a friend asked why he did not convert to Islam if you like it so much. "My heart was Muslim," he answered simply.

But the friend said, bersyahadat still have. Thus, at a mosque in Egypt, he declared his Islam.