Maryam Jameela, Converted to Islam After Encountering Jewish Propaganda

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World leaders recognize this one as an intellectual as well as famous authors in the field of religion, philosophy, and history. Maryam Jameela, according to his Muslim name. He has produced a number of significant works in the repertory of Islamic thought, including Islam and Western Society: A Refutation of the Modern Way of Life, Islam and Orientalist, Islam in Theory and Practice, and the 'Islam and the Muslim Woman Today'.

One thing worth noting from the writings and thoughts Maryam Jameela, is the belief in the religion of Islam is judged as the best religion. Islam is a religion with the advantages of plenary, so that is the only path to a better life, both in this world and the hereafter.

Through his work, Mary wants to spread his faith to all Muslims around the world. The hope is that people more confident to be able to leverage the advantages of the Islamic religion to achieve greatness in many areas of life.

Attitudes and thinking 'trengginas' seems inseparable from the background of this scholar's life. Indeed, a woman born May 23, 1934 was a Jew. Islam took place when they were teenagers.

He bears the name of Margaret Marcus before embracing Islam. Coming from a Jewish family, Margaret was raised in a multiethnic neighborhood in New York, United States. German ancestors. "Our family has lived in Germany for four generations and then assimilated into America," said Mary, in the book Islam and Orientalism.

Small Margaret loved music, especially symphonic and classical. His achievements on the subjects of music was quite proud because they always get the highest score in the class. Until one day he listened to Arabic music on the radio, and immediately fell in love.

Day by day, he was more like the kind of music. Margaret did not hesitate to ask her mother to buy recordings of Arabic music in a store owned by Syrian immigrants. Until finally, he heard the recitations of the Koran from a mosque located not far from where she lived in New York City.

Margaret feels there are similarities between the musical language was Arabic and the Koran. However, he had heard in the mosque, is much more melodic. Thus, in order to enjoy the beauty of the chant verses of the Koran Ayar, Margaret willing to spend a little time to sit in front of the mosque.

When growing up, did Margaret know that the singer of the melodic rhythm and has been rocked since early childhood, is a Moslem. Little by little he then tried to find information about Islam, without any pretensions to religion.

Intersection of increasingly intense with the new Islamic occurred during his education at New York University. He was 18 years old at the time. In both, Margaret majors Judaism in Islam because he wanted to study Islam formally.

Each lecture, the professor often explain that Islam is a religion that was adopted from the Jewish religion. Everything is good in Islam is basically derived from the Old Testament, the Talmud and Midrash. Not infrequently screened films about Jewish propaganda. In essence, presented in the lecture hall often shows the inferiority of Islam and Muslims.

However, Margaret does not just consumed by this indoctrination. He felt there was something odd about all this explanation as it seemed to corner. He felt challenged to prove that all he received in the course of this more nuanced hatred for Islam.

Margaret provides the time, thought and effort that is long enough to study Islam in depth, as well as compare it with Jewish teachings. What happened? Instead he saw a lot of mistakes in Judaism, in contrast to find the truth in Islam.

Results penelaahannnya poured out in his letter to Abul A'la al-Mawdudi, a great scholar of Pakistan. There was nothing to write, "In the Old Testament there are universal concepts of God and the moral sublime as the prophets taught, but Judaism has always maintained the character of ethnicity and nationality. Most of the leaders of the Jewish view God as a real estate agent who gave away land for their own benefit. Thus, although the development of science and technology Israel is very rapid, but material progress, combined with tribal morality is a threat to world peace. "

Margaret's love for Islam could not be stopped. Himself more firmly to choose Islam as a way of life. Finally at the age of 19 years, Margaret formally converted to Islam, precisely in 1961. He changed his name to Maryam Jameela.

As stated in the book Islam and Orientalism, in fact desire to become converts have since long ago, but was always prevented his family. They frighten her by saying that Muslims would not be willing to accept it because it comes from Jewish descent.

However, Margaret does not flinch, and he was able to prove that what the family is not true. Muslims actually greeted him warmly. The decision turned-Muslim, he admitted later, were also influenced by his admiration for the two famous works of Mohammad Assad, namely The Road to Mecca and Islam at Crossroad.

After berislam, he experienced a kind of transformation of the mindset that he termed as 'transformation from a pagan mind into a Muslim Mind' (transformations from thought to thought Muslims infidels). According to Maryam, a change thought patterns that influence the behavior and speech in everyday life, would happen if someone entered the room of Islam. There is a fundamental difference between thinking of a Muslim and infidel.

Shortly after, Mary started pouring activity ideas, ideas and thoughts as a writer remained in Muslim Digest magazine published by Durban, South Africa. His articles often emphasize the core teachings about morality, piety and faith, and truth in the religion of Allah. And by activity in the journal, she is familiar with Mawlana Sayyid Abu Ala Mawdudi, founder Jamaati Islami (Islamic Party) of Pakistan, who are also contributors in the same journal.

Maryam was very impressed with the work and thoughts Mawdudi, so decided to correspond. The correspondence between the two conducted during the period 1960 and 1962, and then recorded with the title Mevlana Correspondences Between Mawdoodi and Maryam Jameela. Both are discussing many things related to Muslim life, the relationship between Islam and the West, and many more.

Actually, a few moments before embracing Islam, Maryam Jameela been actively writing numerous articles that point to defend Islam. He also heavily criticized modern ideologies that seemed about to be forced to apply to the Islamic community.

At the invitation of Mawdudi, in 1962, Mary came to Pakistan. Not just to visit, he even encouraged to settle in Lahore in order to focus more on intellectual activity. Some time later, she married Mohammed Yusuf Khan.

Since settling in Pakistan, Maryam produced a number of influential works, including the translation of the ideology of Islamic Jamaati with systematic language so widely accepted. Although not formally involved in the party, Mary is one of the most staunch defenders of Islamic beliefs and ideology Jamaati. Until now, Mary was still living in Pakistan and continue working.


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You actually mistaken Ingrid Mattson for Maryam Jameelah.

Both good muslims.

As-Salamu Alaykum

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I am really honored about the lady you are talking about , actually is my grnadmother but you have mistakenly put a wrong picture

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Please change the picture. This is Dr Ingrid Matteson not the late Maryam Jameelah.

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As other people have noted, this picture is of Dr. Igrid Mattson, Not Maryam Jameelah, pbuh.

Also, you have used "he" in several places where you should have used "she" to refer to Maryam.

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A wonderful story, God guides whom He wills.

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She was a schizo. You are a moron.