Aminah Assilmi, converts to Islam and Sacrifice Everything

Written By jieenk on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 | 3:14 AM

Not many people know Aminah Assilmi. He is the President of the International Union of Muslim Women who have died on March 6, 2010, in a car accident in Newport, Tennessee, United States.

Journey to Islam is quite unique. A memorable trip. It all started with a small error of a computer. At first, he was a Southern Baptist church girl-flow of the largest Protestant church in the U.S., a radical feminist, journalist and broadcaster.

When young, he's not an ordinary girl, but intelligent and excel in school and get scholarships. One day, a computer error occurs. Unbelievably, it took him to the mission as a Christian and changed his life as a whole.

In 1975 for the first time the computer is used for pre-registration process on campus. Actually, he enrolled in a class in the field of recreational therapy, but the computer mendatanya enter the theater class. Classes can not be canceled, because it was too late. Canceling classes is also not an option, because as a recipient of the scholarship value of F means danger.

Then, her husband suggested that Aminah is facing lecturers to look for alternatives in class performances. And how shocked he was, because the class is filled with Arab children and 'the camel'. Unable to, he went home and decided not to go to class anymore. It is impossible for him to be in the middle of the Arabs. "There's no way I was sitting in a class full of infidels," he said at the time.
Her husband tried to calm him down and said maybe God has a plan behind the incident. For two days Aminah shut myself to think, until he finally concluded that maybe is a clue from God, so he leads the Arabs to embrace Christianity. So he has a mission that must be accomplished. In class, she continues to discuss Christianity with Arab friends of his.

"I start by saying that they would burn in hell if you do not accept Jesus as savior. They were very polite, but not converted. Then I explained how Jesus loved, and dying on the cross to erase their sins. "

But his call did not work. Friends in her class did not want to turn away so he decided to study the Quran to show that Islam is a false religion and Mohammed was not a prophet. He also did research for one and a half years to finish reading the Quran.

But unconsciously, he slowly turns into a different person, and her husband noticed it. "I changed a little, but enough to make him annoyed. Usually we go to the bar every Friday and Saturday or to a party. And I no longer want to go. I became more quiet and away. "

Seeing the changes that occurred, her husband thought she was having an affair, because for a man that's what makes a woman transformed. Peak, he was asked to leave home and live in a different apartment. He continued to study Islam, while still being a devout Christian.

Finally, the guidance that comes. Finally on May 21, 1977, church-abiding states, "I testify that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger."

Trip after saying two sentences creed, like other converts, is not an easy matter. Amina loses everything he loves. He lost almost all his friends, because it is not fun anymore. His mother could not accept and expect it is only burning passion that will soon be extinguished. His sister is a psychiatrist thought he was crazy. His father was a gentle cocked the weapon and ready to kill him.

Soon he was wearing a hijab. On the same day he lost his job.

Already complete. He lived without a father, mother, brothers, friends and work. If he had only lived apart with their husbands, divorce is now in sight. In court he had to make bitter decisions in his life; abandoned Islam and will not lose custody of their children or keep hold of Islam and must leave the children. "It is 20 minutes of the most painful in my life," he recalls.

Increased pain because the doctor had sentenced him would no longer have a child who suffered from complications. "I pray more than usual. I know, there is no safer place for my children than in the hands of God. If I deny Him, then the future is not possible for me to show them how wonderful to be close to God. "He decided to let go of her children, two sons and his little daughter.

However, Allah the Merciful. It provided anugerah with beautiful words that make many people touched and his Islamic behavior. He has turned into a different person, much better. So well that family, friends and relatives who are first hostile, gradually began to appreciate his choice.

On many occasions he sent greeting cards to them, which is inscribed the words of the wise Quran verses or hadith, without citing its sources. Some time later he also reap the seeds are planted. The first person to accept Islam was his grandmother who was more than 100 years. Shortly after converting to Islam was the grandmother died.

"On the day he said creeds, all his sins forgiven, and good deeds are recorded. Converted to Islam shortly after he died, I knew the book records the weight on the side of good deeds. It makes me filled with joy! "

Furthermore, the acceptance of Islam is the one who had wanted to kill him, father. Islamic father reminded her of the story of Umar bin Khattab. Two years after embracing Islam Aminah, his mother called and really appreciate the new faith. And he hopes will remain hugged Aminah.

A few years later the mother called again and asked what to do if someone wants to be Muslim. Amina replied that he must believe that there is only one God and Muhammad is his messenger. "If it's too stupid to know everyone. But what should he do? "Asked his mother again.

Aminah said, that if her mother had believed meant she was Muslim. His mother then said, "OK, fine. But do not tell the father first, "her message. Her mother did not know that her husband (stepfather Aminah) has become a Muslim a few weeks earlier. Thus they lived together for several years without knowing each other that their partners have embraced Islam.

His sister who was struggling to enter Aminah to a mental hospital, eventually embraced Islam. Aminah's son was growing up. Entering the age of 21, he called his mother and said she wanted to be Muslim.

Sixteen years after the divorce, her ex-husband also accepted Islam. He said, for sixteen years he watched Amina and wants their daughter the same religion as her mother. The man came to and apologized for what he had done. He is a very good man and Aminah had forgiven him long ago.

Perhaps the greatest gift to him is what he received then. Aminah married someone else, and although doctors have said he could not have children anymore, God bestowed on a son who turns out beautiful. If God wishes to give mercy to someone, then who can stop him? Then his son he named Barakah. Similarly, as reported by the website Republika Online.

He once lost a job, now the President of the International Union of Muslim Women. He successfully lobbied the United States Post Office to make the Eid postage and fight to keep the feast became a national U.S. holiday. Who had given sacrifices for the sake of defending Islam Aminah as if it was reciprocated.

"We all must die. I am sure that the pain I was experiencing contained blessings. "

Aminah Assilmi has now gone to leave everything he loved. Including his son who was hospitalized, a car accident on his way home from New York to preach the message of Islam.