Abdul Hakim, Youth French Converts to Islam in Britain

Written By jieenk on Thursday, June 23, 2011 | 4:54 AM

Born of French and Spanish parents. Finding Islam in Britain and got his wife a woman from Brunei. Incredible journey!

"I do not know where to start this story. Why I embraced Islam?, "Abdul said as quoted from 2muslims.com. Thus, after moving from France to England, for the purposes of further study, he found Islam in the country's Queen Elizabeth. There he claimed Islamic teratrik because morals of his friends from the majority coming from Malaysia and Indonesia. There too he get his friend, a Muslim from Brunei Darussalam. Graduated from college, the two decided to stay in Brunei and is now living happily in there with two small daughter. Here's the full story.

"My name is Abdul Hakim. I was born 24 years ago in the heat of the sun in Spain. My mother was the original French, and Spanish father, "said Abdul began.

Abdul lived in Spain just two years. Then move to France joined her parents. Remove the high school, at the age of 18, Abdul moved to England to continue his studies at the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Sheffield.

"First of all I want to emphasize that until I was 18 years, I do not like it at all with Islam. At that time I entered the first year of college in England, "said he recalled. At age 17, according to his confession, he had even joined one group of extreme joy, "fight" another Islamic group. He mentions two reasons enter the group, 'the story.

"First, because family and my friends used to all the supporters of the nationalist and racist. So I want to "clean up" the environment than those who did not like. Second, personal experience where I had a physical attacked twice by foreigners from Algeria, "said Abdul about her past.

"Now you can imagine how my mindset could change after college in the UK. You must be wondering what and how I found Islam in Britain, 'he said again.

Abdul Kala studies in Britain claiming persahabtan relationships with a number of students from Asia. Most of the children of Malaysia and Indonesia. At that time he did not know at all my friends were all Muslims. Because previously he has always equated Islam with the Arabs.

"Muslim friends who I knew were all practicing Islam in their daily lives. So slowly I find something other than Islam. This comes purely from my heart, without pressure or coercion of them to convert to Islam. Seeing their temperament and behavior began to change my mind about Islam. Islam was totally different than I've ever heard and imagined in the past. Islam was very tolerant. Islam means honesty, openness, affection and a sense of peace. Which makes me more impressed, it turns Muslims against other Muslims have a concern, "he said at length.

What has been observed Abdul really made her shock. Every day he is more motivated to "peek" behavior of Muslim students on campus. "They do not even know I was on a mission such as" espionage against them. "I really want to know about Islam. Increasingly swelled only. Hatred is now actually replaced by curiosity. Temperament and behavior because they are inversely proportional to the prejudice of Islam before he would. The behavior was more intense than the number of words.

"I learned from them about correct behavior as a Muslim. This is far from what I've seen while in France, "he continued. Less than a year, Abdul has learned many things. As a result, he dared to take the conclusion that Islam was very impressive. "Islam is incredible!" I am Abdul.

"At this stage, unbeknownst to anyone, I began to study Islam seriously. I immediately find a copy of the Koran as the early stages of studying Islam. I searched the mosque. However, to get closer to the mosque at that time I had no courage at all. I was scared out of my friends are Muslim. I do not know I was a little depressed at the time. Do not know what should I do, "I am Abdul.

That is, whose name the guidance of Allah there is just way unexpected by his servant. Like the case of Abdul, the "signs" of God began to appear. "One day I was walking through the town and hoped to obtain Al-Quran. Somehow I passed one area where there are no Islamic exhibition, "Gomez said.

Abdul did not waste the opportunity that is in sight. He was sure there no one who knew him. At first he was somewhat hesitant, but curiosity is already upset he ventured to ask for a copy of the Quran and its translation.

After getting the Koran, which he sought for so long he too hurry to go home and study it directly. "Little by little I could know what it is Islam. I want to present Islam as my own and not because of coercion or pressure other people. I also like it or not argument or debate. I just wanted to find answers to what is Islam. I really want to know, "he stated.

A few days later, just after I got the Koran, the holy month of Ramadan arrives. An idea which I thought was "crazy" at the time. I want to try fasting, although not a true Muslim! Not only that during Ramadan, I spend time every day by studying the Koran, "Abdul said.

"God finally opened the door of my heart. One when at midnight, exactly in the middle of Ramadan, I feel how beautiful Islam is. The teaching is so amazing and full of meaning. Simple but fundamental, and most importantly, rational, easy to understand. It makes me so amazed, I did not feel afraid to be a Muslim. Perhaps because this is really coming from his own conscience, not because of coercion, "said Abdul again

That, finally, on March 30, 1997, Abdul pledged syahadahnya. Short procession took place in his room. Alone without anyone to witness. "At that time, I want to pray but do not know how. Movements I know, but what to read it that I still do not know anymore. But whenever possible I still pray five times a day, I am he. Not long ago Abdul did Shahadah formal procession to the mosque, in front of witnesses. And, now I can already proudly refers to himself as a Muslim. Allahu Akbar!, She squeals happily.

"I wish more people could be my story as a teaching tool. Whether it's for a Muslim or not. Anyway, if anyone want to ask questions or silaturrahmi please send via email only. God willing, I will reply, "please him ..

Abdul admitted admiration would put Britain's modern, dynamic, comfortable, and everything was orderly and organized neatly. "I live in the city of Sheffield to study Chemical Engineering for 4 years. After studies I plan to look for work experience here, "he said.

Interestingly, in recent years, Abdul met a woman from Brunei who are also studying there. Later that Malay women became his life companion. "Muslim women from Brunei were married exactly when I finish my studies. Exactly. Dated June 20, 1997. A year later our house more lively with the presence of our baby daughter of a petite and cute, he added happily.

After that they decided to move to Brunei. They had intended to live permanently in the country is also one of the rich Muslim country in the world. "We want the only daughter we can be big and grown in an Islamic environment, 'said Abdul gave reasons for his move. And, the more complete happiness in March 2000 with the birth of their second daughter.

"Today, both my wife and I, there is no fixed job again. But I'm very confident with the treasures of God. If you want something to happen, it can easily happen that soon. Conversely, if God does not want anything to happen, then it will not happen. I will keep trying as he prayed. All I give to Him to decide .. Only in God do we put all the hope and beg for help. I believe that there is no god but Allah and Prophet Muhammad the Messenger of Allah, "added Abdul steadily and confidently.