Joseph Cohen, American Jews, Move to Israel and converts to Islam

Written By jieenk on Thursday, June 23, 2011 | 4:50 AM

In 1998, Joseph Cohen, a US-born Orthodox Jew move to Israel because of the very strong belief in the teachings of Judaism. He later lived in Gush Qatif settlement in Gaza Jewish (Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005).

Cohen never thought that his move to Israel instead take on the light of Islam. After three years of living in Gaza, Cohen decided to become a Muslim after he met with a sheikh from the UAE and discussing theology with the sheikh is via the Internet. After converting to Islam, Cohen changed his name to the name of Islam Yousef al-Khattab.

Soon after he saying shahada, his wife and four children to follow in his footsteps became Muslim Yousef. Now, Yousef al-Khattab actively preached among the Jews, although he himself no longer recognized by families who do not like to see it converted to Islam.

"I was no longer associated with my family. We should not decide kinship, but the sides of my family is Jewish by the Jewish entity of him. We had no choice but to break contact for now. The last words that they accusing me, they said I was barbaric, "said Yousef about the relationship with her family right now.

He acknowledged, preaching about Islam among the Jews was not an easy job. According to him, which must first be done in introducing Islam is, that there is only one manhaj in Islam is manhaj brought by the Prophet sallallahu which is then forwarded by the companions and successors to the present.

"The best way to prove that Islam is a religion for all mankind is to provide an explanation based on the verses of the Koran and the difference between human beings is ketaqwaannya on God alone," said Yousef.

After becoming a new convert, Yousef Al-Khattab moved to Palestine and he became a preacher. And as the Jews who lived in Palestine, he is often interviewed about vs ISRAEL PALESTINIAN CONFLICT.

"Islam is not a racist religion. We've got the evidence is very strong, the word of God and the words of the Prophet. We fight not to hate the infidels. We fight only for the sake of God alone, to fight those who want to kill us, the colonized homeland we, who spread and propagate the ideology of Western munkar in our country, such as the ideology of democracy, "Yousef continued.

He said that the basic teachings of Judaism are very different from Islam. The main difference in the problem of monotheism. Judaism, said Yousef believes the intermediary and the intermediary they are rabbis. The Jews prayed through the medium of their rabbis.

"Judaism is a belief based on humans. In contrast with Islam, the religion based on the Quran and Sunnah. And the belief in Islam will never change, in all mosques throughout the world the Koran we are hearing is the same al-Quran , "Yousef said.

He further said that Yahudisme on the other hand relied on "oral tradition" as the Talmud is compiled based on information by word of mouth which is then recorded. The rabbi himself, said Yousef acknowledges, it could be many things that have people forget that the validity of the book could be questioned.

Yousef said, the Torah that is believed to be the Jews now have eleven different versions and manuscripts Torah is no longer the original manuscript. "Alhamdulillah, Allah give mercy on us all with an easy religion, where many people can memorize the Koran from generation to generation. God bless us all with the Koran," said Yousef. Nevertheless, he believes dialogue is the best way of preaching, especially among Jews.

Asked about the groups who claim Jewish anti-Zionists. Yousef replied that personally and from the religious side, he did not believe the Jews who claim anti-Zionist. "Historically, they are the ones who always break the deal. They killed the prophets, so I never believed in them, even though Islam has always shown a good attitude to them," he explained.

Yousef asserted that his statement was not to defend the Palestinians or on behalf of a Muslim. The statement is his personal opinion. "Allah knows best," he said.

As someone who used to live in Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories, Yousef acknowledges the existence of discrimination by the government of Israel against Palestinian Muslims. Yousef himself been beaten by Israeli soldiers, though not as bad as the treatment of Zionist soldiers were on the Palestinians.

"I was lucky, suffering that I experienced not as heavy as our brothers and sisters suffering in Afghanistan under U.S. occupation or our brothers and sisters who are in the U.S. prison camp in Cuba (Guantanamo)," he added with gratitude.

God gives guidance to their followers, sometimes with unexpected ways. As experienced or Yousef Cohen who actually converted to Islam after moving to the Israeli occupation in Gaza.