Learning Islam Through the Internet then converts to Islam

Written By jieenk on Friday, September 16, 2011 | 2:22 AM

He was only 18 years. He lives with his mother in a small town in the United States. Goodbye going on vacation and trips abroad, he flew to Saudi Arabia and declared kislamannya in the country.

"He's still here for a vacation," said Majed Al-Osaimi, director www.edialogue.org, propaganda websites visited by many Western public who are interested in Islam.

Speaking to Arab News, he said a teenager, who was studying in the United States, also accepted Islam as a religion only after talking to a daiyah associated with that website.

"The girl has gained some knowledge about Islam and clearing all doubts over the 20-minute conversation with our missionary worker and stated she wanted to get bersyahadat," said Al-Osaimi.

He said the site, which was founded in March of this year, has been instrumental in Islamize 119 people from different nationalities. Now they keep in contact with new Muslims to do online tutoring.

He predicts, the number will increase rapidly, given the current response of the virtual congregation. "Every one or two days, there is one person who accepted Islam as their religion through our website," he explained.

Al-Osaimi also asked other Muslims in the West to teach their children about Islam at an early age. "That's their job to take her children on the basis of Islamic culture and traditions," he said.
He said he also had contacted the girl and discovers that he has learned a lot about Islam from a different source.

"He asked some very important questions about Islam," he added. The girl also wants to learn Arabic to read and understand the Koran in the original.

He said they are nationals of India are the majority of new converts who declared his Islam through a website based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

He explained that the site is run by 11 staff all of whom are volunteers and full-time workers. Those who embraced Islam through this site are from Britain, France, Australia, North America, the Philippines, Romania, Nigeria, and Cameroon.

More than 90 thousand people so far have participated in their web chat room.

"We have plans to expand the web sites included in the various languages," he said.