Christopher, Islam Heals and Restores My Soul

Written By jieenk on Friday, September 16, 2011 | 2:21 AM

Christopher Patrick Nelson
Christopher Patrick Nelson, U.S. citizens of Irish descent, converted to Islam when he was 26 years old. Previously, men who embrace the Christian religion was never studied a variety of beliefs ranging from Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, to cure the "disease" it.

Until finally he found Islam and decided to become a Muslim. He acknowledged the Prophet Muhammad as a model of a comprehensive spiritual life, and Islam have been rescued from "mental illness" he suffered as well as make it feel finding a lost soul.

Since childhood, Christopher Patrick Nelson, already has a behavioral and emotional instability. At the age of 14, he had been treated in wards for patients with psychiatric disorders, due to uncontrolled behavior. Until adulthood, Nelson often experience depression, have no desire to do anything, wanted to sleep on, and the worst feeling wanted to die. Nelson several times attempted suicide, with wrists slashed the ladder.

First, he was diagnosed with "paranoid schizophrenia", a term in the field of psychiatry when the experts can not determine with certainty the problems suffered by patients. Later, he was determined to have the temperament "Bipolar", temper extreme double, contradictory. Since then, Nelson struggled through life that is sometimes experienced extreme mood swings.

People in the neighborhood Nelson often blames himself for his behavior is immature, because they do not understand the psychological problems they experienced. This complicates the Nelson in getting a job and build relationships with others. He has worked less than a week at a pizza restaurant. Nelson was fired because of behavior that are less polite to customers.

"Depression is like hell. Rasa is slipped inside of me silently as ghosts. I remember, I was staring into an object, such as a table where coffee, suddenly I would feel confusion and feel life is meaningless," said Nelson.

To heal yourself, Nelson followed the treatment which he called Western-style medicine, like meditation and therapy for people with psychiatric disorders, at a clinic in San Jose. But he felt, that kind of treatment to help him only a moment, not cure it.

Until finally, he found Islam to the "disease", its right in front of a spot treatment of psychiatric disorders. "I always felt, at the bottom of my heart, that my disease relates to something in my soul - drugs and therapy - therefore, will never be able to cure," said Nelson.

By embracing Islam, he studied the teachings of Islam which he said taught him to cleanse the soul from a variety of liver diseases. "Islam gives me a sense of responsibility to themselves," he said

"I feel, read specific prayer to God is very helpful, to protect myself from demonic interference that could plunge me. The attitude of discipline and prayer helps me to control my emotions and unstable ..."

"When anxiety and depression that hit, I was surrounded by dozens of police, who threw it at me and insult me. I was praying, listening to and believing the words that I say in my prayers. Instantly my soul felt calm and peace, "continued Nelson.

He acknowledged, for peace of mind, not enough just to prayer but also influenced by what he ate and with whom one together. According to Nelson, together with fellow brothers and sisters in the mosque, many helped to soothe the soul.

"Having a psychiatric disorder is a lifelong struggle. But after converting to Islam, I felt I was finally able to control himself. Islam teaches me to purify my heart and soul," said Nelson.