Converting to Islam Because Bus Ad

Written By jieenk on Thursday, June 23, 2011 | 5:17 AM

Through advertisements on Islam entitled "Sowing Peace", many Chicago residents who converted to Islam. This month alone, no fewer than four residents of Chicago to embrace Islam.

Over the past ten years, Leslie C. Toole has been considering to embrace Islam. Even when teachers this asalChicago see these ads as a matter of simple yet so prominently visible on a public bus, he guessed the right moment has come. ''I never truly committed and when I saw the sign I guess that's the final sign to complete my business,''said Toole, 45 years.

Toole had inadvertently discovered Islam at a street corner ten years ago when a man gave her a pamphlet that says he'll find enlightenment in it. ''I kept reading and reading and I wanted to make sure I understand what is involved with?''He said innocently.

He talks about things that brighten it up a month ago. At that time, passing in front of the Chicago Transit Authority bus. The sign caught his eye and in the end he dialed the number on the ad giant. ''How to become a member of Islam is my main question,''said the official Toole embraced Islam September 29.

Her story is similar to one another Chicago who also accepted Islam this month. He also inspired ad campaign Sowing Peace Islam in an area in Chicago sponsored by the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA).

ICNA not kidding to bring Islam to other Americans. Gelontorkan funds they were big enough that is worth 30,900 U.S. dollars or 309 million (with a dollar exchange rate of USD 10 thousand). Funds amounting to the manufacturer's pamphlet pinned on 25 buses across Chicago yagn. The ad directs people to contact-free channels of Islam, 800 662, and an internet site set up to help those who seek answers about Islam.

Initially the campaign was mounted for a period of one month, beginning September 19 to October 20. However, given the high public interest and enthusiasm toward the ad, ad finally running the bus is extended until November 23. Line telephone callers they have been flooded. Thousands of hunt caller information through the channel, even if added to the Internet, no less than 300 thousand people who hunt for information about Islam.

When the people of Chicago are curious dialed the number, MenggapaiDamai (GainPeace) also gave them copies of the Quran in English, Message magazine on Prophet Muhammad as brochures and books relating to Islam.

The campaigners say that the purpose of a bus advertising campaign is to find a novel way to control people toward information about Islam. Topics''ad is Islam: a way of life with the names of different prophets,''said Saabeel Ahmed, Director GainPeace told IOL.

Ahmed said, with duty-free channels and Internet sites, allows for a person to get a chance to know more about Islam, with the opportunity to call those Muslims who are knowledgeable (alim) to straighten out misconceptions, bias from fear. ''We want to create a channel through the internet site so that people can interact with us and work communally, to know each other better,''said Ahmed.

Toole judge ad dibesut ICNA quite brilliant. ''That ad is very simple, but perfect as if to say,''You puunya question? Reach for the answer''is a brilliant way to attract people's attention,''Toole said, adding the idea is very simple, but very enjoyable. ''I've never seen anything like this before.''

ICNA, a grassroots organization based in New York which has 22 branches in the United States, also organized similar campaigns in Seattle and New York. In the Big Apple, 1,000 ads in the cars driving in the city's subway. The contents tickle; describe questions with a visual format that may be owned by people about Islam and the answer.

Since the campaign a success, other cities in the United States and Canada has asked these groups to start similar projects. A U.S. survey recently revealed American people knew little about Islam. Advertising is like a drop of water in the wasteland.

GainPeace role not only end up with advertising and Islamic education only. When someone converts to Islam, the group raised a "brother" who became a mentor to convert to Islam, by providing information, support and advice. "The mentor is like a guardian angel,''explained Ahmed, Director GainPeace. The mentor and the converts face to face and deal with mail and telephone. Toole, who has chosen Ilyas as a new Muslim name, loved his mentor. ''He was very helpful at all. He has given me a lot of books that I should go forward.''

GainPeace creed package also provides for the converts, which includes: a DVD guide prayer, a brief guide reading the Qur'an, and various brochures about Islam. Metreka also offers online classes once a week for the converts. And a class like this is always anticipated Ilyas to follow. ''I can learn everything about the lifestyle of Muslims to practice prayer and Arabic,''he said proudly.

Ilyas says that the more he learned about Islam, the more convinced he had made the right decision. ''This is really perfect for me. Difficult to explain because when you know something is true, this really is a feeling so deep in your heart. "