Tommy, Understanding Islam Through the Internet

Written By jieenk on Thursday, June 23, 2011 | 5:14 AM

True say, Islam is indeed a very beautiful and noble religion.

Although during this stigma has been given to Islam and Muslims in general, but the evidence he managed to get followers and evolved over nearly 15 centuries. Islam, in a few brief words, is my life. And God is a force in my life. Without God, I am nothing.

When I sat down to write this introduction, I do not intend to send the whole story of my return to the embrace of Islam. The more I think about it, the more I realize that this is the right place for the story.

I was baptized at birth when I was younger, when pre-schools in Detroit, Michigan. Since then, the church has always been part of early childhood in Detroit, even though my family did not go every week. But when my parents moved to North Carolina, they have started a churchgoer.

I have always gone to Catholic school. Therefore, I know from first-class life of Jesus, Mary, the Apostles, the Bible, and the Sacraments. I first got "first holy communion" at the age of 7 years.

In September 1995, a local group of people from Lebanon Orthodox Catholic (Melkite Byzantine Catholic) held a liturgy at our church. I went with my mom, and I fell in love. The most beautiful thing I ever saw, I heard, and I feel. Traditional liturgy, sung in English, Arabic, and Greek. With candles, icons, and lots of incense.

When my friends just learning about the church, they never criticize me, but they do not understand why I liked the Melkite Byzantine Catholic. Some people claim that I do to get attention. But for me, I've done something a little more outrageous!

Serious conflicts

I kept going to the Melkite church every Sunday until mid-March 1996. But one day, exactly 40 days before Easter, I had my first serious quarrel with the Christian religion. Actually I am not sure what happened sedangb. But suddenly, I stopped believing in Christianity.

For some reason, I just feel Judaism is the only monotheistic religion of the best that I know. And finally I went on the Sabbath in the synagogue with my parents' friends. I am always interested in Jewish culture, but I do not know much about Judaism.

I began to attend Sabbath services on Sunday morning. Although I have been pretty well received by the Jews in town, I also got a lot of criticism from my friends. Again, I was accused of trying to get attention, trying to be different.

Whatever the words of people, I slowly began to adopt Judaism and Jewish practices follow their culture and religion. I also began to study Hebrew for every Sabbath on Saturdays.

At the time I started high school in 1996, people called me "The WHO kid thinks he's Jewish." [The child who thinks he is Jewish]. I even plan to move to Israel. But little did I know, that "kemesrahan" me with supanya Jews will soon be over.

One day, during Thanksgiving, I was sitting at home facing the Internet, to find one or two interesting sites. I started looking for magazines over the Internet. I was troubled when capturing a site Ibrahim Shafi's Islam Page. I am dealing with an Islamic website.

What I understand about Islam? Not much. But I have a friend at a Muslim school, my mother worked with Muslims. However, knowledge about Islam is very limited. Most of what I know comes from books. What makes me frown when calling Islam the treatment of women with very noble.

Apparently, I began studying Islam through the web. I immediately "girl talk" in chat room on an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) to find as many Muslim friends. From there, I began to declare themselves memeluik creed and Islam.

My life feels good, but I still do not feel that I was part of the Muslims. The problem, as I do not declare shahada in front of witnesses.

Well, the opportunity to become a Muslim in the presence of other Muslims came during a trip to Chicago. My sister went to the University of Chicago and I realized that there is MSA (Muslim Student Association) there. Finally, through the MSA I officially declare besaksi to Allah and the Messenger of Allah embraced Islam.

Now, my new name changed to Tariq Ali. However, sometimes, day-to-day is still called Tommy.

Although it has been memekuk Islam, there are still many people still meledekku due to my past religion. "What is your religion this week, Tommy?". And usually, I explained, "I have been Muslim." And if they are interested and bekepentingan, I further explain that my religion is very great.