Isa Kocher, Claiming to Have Finally Embracing All Religions and anchor themselves in Islam

Written By jieenk on Friday, September 16, 2011 | 2:30 AM

Isa Kocher
He is stateless Switzerland but his heart is in New York. Isa Kocher name, scholars, U.S. war veterans who often calls himself an eccentric. Jesus now lives in Istanbul, precisely in the suburbs, in the industrial area Ikitelli.

Isa formally converted to Islam since the age of 12 years. He claimed to have looked into all religions before finally anchoring themselves to Islam. Reason Isa, peace based folosofi been touched.

"I chose Islam because the world believes there is for peace. This is not the peace that obtained from smoked marijuana - peace is a struggle," he said. "I always used to angry, almost every day, so I did not have a peaceful disposition, but this is a choice," said Isa.

He claimed it was not easy. "But it's the only option. You can not win the fight because there will always be someone better, bigger and on top of you," he said.

Isa Kocher acquainted with Islam through the books of Washington Irving. He made a confession of faith for the first time when I was a kid, 12 years. Later, he became worshipers at a mosque in Tribeca, New York, where he brew tea and cook rice every night.

In Isa belief, Islam has a foundation that all humans are unique and personal relationship with the power. "I have no right to be in between a person with that power. God is a God - any attribute that you wear on him," said Isa.

As a Muslim, Jesus also was admitted after the WTC attacks on September 11, 2011 in New York are the hardest days of her life. He stressed the WTC buildings has great significance for him as an artist. Not only that he described the tragedy as a marker of the collapse of democracy

"It was like the end of the world and all that I believe. I still believe in Islam and its teachings, but my belief is no longer based on any human system," he said.

Artists and Democratic sympathizers

Isa has lived and traveled in various countries around the world. It also has many adopted children, scattered in places he had ever flown and the myriad of activities.

Only in Turkey, a list of activities on his resume rather long, stretching began working as an internet publicist for the Democratic Party sympathizers abroad, to become a teacher in various private universities in Turkey with a variety of positions.

Jesus also had been held three times a photography exhibition in Istanbul, Akbank Sanat Gallery precisely. In this country he continued diving profession by working on photography projects and publish poetry.

From its journey around the world, Jesus claimed to explore more deeply Turkey. He loved the hospitality of the Turkish population and said he had never encountered a single day stay in a hotel for traveling in the country.

"Every time I visit the mosque for prayers, I will find myself with a backpack all move to someone's house," he said. He also expressed a deep love for the culture of Turkey and one of its main hobbies is to visit the tomb of the saint and the buildings erected by the Ottoman architect, Mimar Sinan.

Although he also said it was difficult to live in Istanbul if not rich. He told how local residents being confused him when he began living on the outskirts of Instanbul.

"They feel more confident when they know I'm a great teacher, pilgrimage and had already talked to many languages. Sometimes at the festival of Muharram I made some typical foods Shura As for anyone who lives in the neighborhood. The average is about 25 kilometers wide, so latiha enough to walk away, "he chuckled.