Laurence Brown, "God, If You There, Heal My Daughter"

Written By jieenk on Friday, September 16, 2011 | 2:27 AM

Laurence Brown
Winter 1990, the second daughter of Laurence Brown was born. But her daughter suffered serious health problems, the narrowing of blood vessels in the arch aorta, so that the baby is not smooth blood circulation. Brown witnessed how her tiny daughter's body turned blue from the chest to toe and should be treated in intensive care for newborns. As a surgeon, Brown is well aware of what medical action would be against her daughter's doctor. There was no other way but to do emergency surgery on the chest, although it does not provide medical treatment for his daughter's big chance to survive.

When a consultant cardio-thoracic surgeon who will handle her daughter's future, Brown's mixed feelings among the sad and scared. "No friends but fear, and not a place to share my grief while awaiting results of the consultant. I then went to the room where praying in the hospital and sat cross-legged," said Brown told her confusion at the time.

He acknowledged, was the first time in his life he prayed sincerely and earnestly. "As an atheist, that's when I first, with a half-hearted, acknowledging God. I said half-heartedly, even in a panic situation, I do not fully believe in God. I just pray with skepticism. God, if God exists, The Lord will rescue my daughter, I promised to find and follow the religion most pleasing to him, "said Brown.

About 10 to 15 minutes later, Brown returned to intensive care and was shocked to hear her explanation consultant surgeon who said that her daughter would be fine. Consultant's words proved, within two days, the condition of Brown's baby daughter show progress without having to be given medicine and surgery. Baby girl named Hannah Brown was subsequently grow normally like other children.

After her daughter was declared healthy, now Brown's turn to fulfill his promise before God, when he prayed for Hannah's safety. He said, as an atheist, it is easy for Brown to rebuild his distrust of God's existence, and the recovery of her daughter at the doctor's hand and not on God. But Brown did not do that. "In the agreement, God has shown his kindness, and I feel also should do the same thing. God has granted my prayer," said Mr Brown.

For several years Mr Brown tried to meet the "covenant" with God. But he feels like he failed to find religion hug. Brown studied Judaism, various Christian denominations, but never felt that he had found the truth. "For some time, I went to various church denominations. The longest, I joined the congregation of the Roman Catholic church, but I never formally embraced it," said Brown.

He confessed to never get to choose Christianity for the simple reason: he could not find kesesesuaian biblical teachings about Jesus with the teachings of various other Christian sects. Finding religion in accordance with his heart, Brown ultimately chose sit at home and read a lot. In times of that, Brown knows the Quran and the biography of Prophet Muhammad SAW. written by Martin Lings, entitled "Muhammad, His Life Based on Earliest Sources".

From Al-Quran is read, Brown found that the Muslim holy book that teaches that God is only one, and prophets such as Moses and Prophet Jesus (Prophet Isa) also taught about the oneness of God. A different concept that once he knew the religious teachings of Judaism and Christianity who had learned many years. After reading the biography of the Prophet Muhammad. Brown also began to believe that Prophet Muhammad was the last prophet.

"Suddenly it all makes sense like, along with the conviction that grew it. Continuity of the chain of prophecy, revelation, only one Almighty God, and the full revelation of God in the Koran, a sudden rise perfect sense. This is that made me become a Muslim, "said Brown.

Until now, already 10 years old Laurence Brown became a Muslim. During that time, he learned one thing, that "Out there are many people who are more intelligent and smarter than him, but people were not capable of knowing the truth of Islam," said Brown.

"The important thing is not how smart a person, but a revelation as God affirmed that those who believe in the religion of Allah, still will not believe, even if given a warning will be a sin to deny the existence of God. If so, God will also ignore them and keep them away from His righteousness ... "

"Therefore, I am grateful to Allah who has given instructions, and I reinforce it with a hint of a simple formula; acknowledge the existence of God, to worship only Allah, solemnly promised to seek the truth and follow His teachings, and receive guided His, "said Brown.