Ayesha Kim, Mom for the Korean Muslims

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From the name, people will know where he came from. He deliberately did not throw Kim from her new name, Ayesha, after converting to Islam. Kim is a Korean identity.

Now he is known as a "beacon" of faith for Korean women, and particularly for female students of the country. He guided them towards the path of Truth of Islam. He is actively preaching, from campus to campus. He prefers the approach of logic in Islamic teaching.

Islam first came to her husband, Imam Mahdevoon, who is now chairman of the Union of Muslims in South Korea. Beralhir to resolve a long debate, they both will always be together to traverse the path of Truth.

Aisha able to find the truth in the midst of devastating wars that raged when he chose Islam for their religion. He adopted the name Ayesha Islam, after the name of the noble wife of the Prophet Muhammad. He thought that it would be a source of blessing for him. "The attack missionary in Korea is very intense, I almost turned before in Islam that I discovered the truth of what I believe."

When asked about his early involvement with Islam, he was the first silent and closed his eyes, as if he was trying to find something hidden in the recesses of his heart. After a few moments silence, he continued, he wanted peace in life. Her husband, had already berislam.

"The truth my conscience prompts me that there is only one way to reach the truth," he said.

At the same time the Korean War broke out, forcing him to move up to the port of Pusan. He further contemplate the meaning of life. "Finally I told my husband that" okay, I'll convert to Islam "after I see, Islam is the only fortress to save ourselves and the community," he said.

About his involvement in world mission, could not be separated from persinggungannya with Omar Kim, converts Korea in the 1950s.

"He has openly embraced Islam. Before he died he had been advised, rather urged us to spread the message of Islam and inviting people to accept Islam," he said.

After the war, he was carrying out the mandate Kim. He went to the victims' families and strengthen. Some are interested in converting to Islam, some still adhere to his old religion, but their relationship remained tied until many years later.

After this, he directed attention to her children. He said, "I just have to hold my two daughters about their difficulties. But I realized that after all this, speaking the truth."

He related, was the eldest son. Want "independence", he rejected any form of intervention parents. But at age 25, he received another message, "My heart was calm when they hear the Koran recited. But I will seek the maximum information about Islam before deciding (for bersyahadat or not)," he mimicked her son talk.

After some time, she also accepted Islam. Its name was changed from Yoong to Jamila. She married a Korean Muslim. "My younger daughter accepted Islam at the age of 20. He was also married to a Muslim of Korea. He lived in Korea near us."

He is quiet, has a backrest that can be relied upon. "I have entrusted the whole matter to God. Other family members have not been Muslim, but I have maintained this relationship remained harmonious in accordance with Islamic principles," he said.

He is now actively preaching among Korean women. "I've driven many Korean women to accept Islam, I have made them understand how Islam protects the rights of married couples together, and how Islam provides the basis for family life .. Praise be to Allah, I have successfully led a large number of women into the path of Truth. "

This business is not without obstacles. "Another difficulty is that girls who become Muslims should live in a society where the majority religion has the authority. For this reason, in order to keep the spirit of these girls, it is important to organize an effective defense. Defense comes only through Muslim educational institutions. "

He thanked the Korean converts istikamah enough. They generally also become the new preachers, like himself. They are also encouraged to actively conduct social activities. "That certainly is the core message of Islam, a blessing for anyone around him," he said.


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Koran is a falsified document by roman emperor Constantine Constantine beholds goth goth